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Some common applications of our systems...

  • Residential
  • Patios, Pools, Lawns, Gazebos, Gardens, Rentals for Outdoor Events
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Casinos, Dairy Farms, Stables, Ranches, Poultry Plants, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Utility Plants, Warehouses, Smelting Plants, Fire Departments, Oil Rigs, Garages, Factories


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Patio Misting

The cooling power of Water Misting Systems gives you one of the most efficient and highly effective methods available for reducing temperatures in open outdoor areas. Our residential clients enjoy the benefits of our mist systems for patios, pools, gazebos, decks and other lawn areas.

In addition to cooling the temperature, an added benefit is that our mist systems help keep flies away from the area. The reason is simple. Flies do not like to fly through water. Therefore, flies will avoid the area because they don't want to penetrate the water curtain created by the misting system.

How Misting Systems Work

Mist systems that are used for residential patios and other outdoor areas are most commonly referred to as water misting line systems. The most important factors in achieving the best results are:

  • Understand the different types of misting systems that are available.
  • Determine which system will work best in your specific setting.

Water is delivered under low, medium or high pressure to misting nozzles that atomize the water into a fog-like mist of tiny droplets. The highest pressure levels create the smallest water droplets, and that results in the best evaporation and cooling results.

(For a more detailed explanation see How Mist Systems Work).

To produce even greater cooling power, Misting Fans can be used in conjunction with mist systems. This can be especially helpful in locations that frequently experience extreme heat.

Can Those DIY Misting Kits Save You Money?


Indeed, there is a big difference in cost between a DIY Misting Kit that simply screws onto your water faucet and a High Pressure Misting System. However, there is also a big difference in the amount of cooling and effect.

High Pressure Misting Systems require pumps and high pressure tubing kits that are constructed of either stainless steel of HP nylon. While the cost is higher, the benefit is that high pressure water misting systems can give you a significant drop in temperature without getting anything wet – even in the most humid environments.

Another big difference is quality and performance. Be aware that many so-called manufactures of misting systems are actually just distributors of import products that are low cost and low quality. For example, many of the imported high pressure misting pumps are rated for 500 hours of use (or less) before they must be replaced or rebuilt.

How do Southern Cool Mist products compare to low cost/low quality imports?Our proprietary, Made in the USA, tri-plex pumps are rated for 5000 + hours between rebuilds.

(NOTE: We do not recommend using a low pressure misting systems in humid locations such as the Southwest. However, a high pressure system will work very well.)

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Create a truly unique and cool outdoor experience while keeping many of the flying bugs (such as flies) away!

Mistscaping is a growing trend for landscapes and pools. We can utilize high pressure pumps and tubing to create a mist effect anywhere that you want to stay cool and look cool.

There are only so many ways to make a pool unique, and incorporating a misting system into it will surely do the trick! The stainless steel misting line can be built into the wall of the pool and the nozzles placed at the water level. The recessed nozzle placement will make them virtually invisible and allow the mist to roll across the water’s surface. This will add a very unique and exotic look to your pool. Plus, it will help keep you cool when you aren’t under water.


For pools, streams, and fountains, our misting systems can be used to create a fog effect similar to the ones found around large waterfalls. We can also install the misting system around landscaping features to help make your yard even more unique and cool.

Misting systems can provide an appealing place for cooling off around playgrounds and public spaces, and they have been used to create natural art from the local landscape.


A growing use for mistscaping systems is as a privacy barrier. If you live in a subdivision and like your privacy, you can either build a really tall fence or plant trees. However, this can cause issues with the neighbors and home owner's association; your neighbor's two story house can still see over the fence. The simplest solution is to simply extend the height of fence using mist. We can create a thick enough "fog" that it will allow you more privacy without upsetting the neighbors.

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Want to make your outdoors more beautiful AND cool off by 30 degrees?