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Some common applications of our systems...

  • Residential
  • Patios, Pools, Lawns, Gazebos, Gardens, Rentals for Outdoor Events
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Casinos, Dairy Farms, Stables, Ranches, Poultry Plants, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Utility Plants, Warehouses, Smelting Plants, Fire Departments, Oil Rigs, Garages, Factories


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Misting Fans

Installed Misting Systems work well to cool certain industrial outdoor settings as well as interior areas such as warehouses, factories, and garages. However, the addition of water misting fans will provide even more cooling power by lowering the overall temperature another 10 degrees – that's in addition to the cooling effect of the installed mist system. This can be a tremendous benefit in targeting areas prone to excessive over heating, or during the hottest summer months when temperatures are extreme.

The extra cooling power produced by misting fans is due to two factors:

  • Misting fans move the mist around and make it evaporate faster – which creates a larger area of mist cooling per mist nozzle.
  • Just as natures winds create a wind chill factor, Misting Fans produce a "wind chill" effect that makes your body feel cooler than it would with only a misting system.

Why Cloudburst® Misting Fans Are the Best in the Industry

  • Commercial grade
  • UL Listed for outdoor use and/or use totally enclosed motors
  • Made of stainless steel or powder coated steel (with a second custom coat of Rust-Oleum paint on request)
  • Adjustable stainless steel mist rings or our patented misting fan hub
  • Available in color matched to specifications (call for details)
  • BEST WARRANTIES IN THE INDUSTRY – 2 years on all fan parts & LIFETIME on the mist rings, tubing & fittings

Misting Fans – Different Types for Different Needs

One of the several types of misting fans and kits available is the stand-alone Satellite Misting Fan with attached misting rings and a universal mounting bracket (or pedestal). For these fans, tubing kits or pumps are purchased separately so that the fans can be customized to needs of the specific installation.

Also available are Portable Water Misting Fans that are purchased as a complete kit that includes the fan with mist ring, tubing kit of high or mid pressure, and most often a high (800 to 1200 psi) or mid (120 to 250 psi) pressure misting pump. These fans can also be purchased with or without tanks.

NOTE: If you already own the fans, Misting Fan Kits are available for purchase that include just the mist rings, tubing kits and pump.

In addition to the various types of water misting fans, each category of fans offers a range of sizes. Standard sizes stocked by Cloudburst® include a complete line of 14" to 36" misting fans in black or white. Larger fans are available by special order. Most of our misting fans are available in both 110 and 220 V – 50/60 Hz. An optional oscillating feature is also available on the 24" and large fans.

Which Type Misting Fan Will Work Best for You?

Your best choice in misting fans or kits will depend on what you are trying to cool. The cooling challenge can vary greatly from industry to industry and must be designed to meet the specific needs of the area involved.

To achieve optimum results, we recommend that you contact our experts to help you select the setup that will produce the best results in the most cost-efficient manner.

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