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Some common applications of our systems...

  • Residential
  • Patios, Pools, Lawns, Gazebos, Gardens, Rentals for Outdoor Events
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Casinos, Dairy Farms, Stables, Ranches, Poultry Plants, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Utility Plants, Warehouses, Smelting Plants, Fire Departments, Oil Rigs, Garages, Factories


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Results & Photos

Our Smartmist™ systems have been engineered to provide affordable solutions to the many problems inherent with air cooled systems, including:

  • high energy costs of air-cooled Air Conditioners
  • inability of dry cooling towers to meet required cooling demands
  • heat expansion that causes lower production from gas turbines

We have absolute confidence in Smartmist™ pre-cooling mist systems, and we want you to feel as comfortable about how well our systems work as we do. Below are a few real results from real companies that are currently benefiting from the energy savings, cost savings, and better performance delivered by our SMARTMIST™ pre-cooling mist systems.

Results: AC/Refrigeration Results: Dry Cooling Towers & Turbines


International Rubber Products
Business type - Light Industrial
Installed June, 2007

The Challenge: In this 40,000 square foot facility, manufacturing equipment generated excessive heat, which added to the high cooling cost. Water quality – Hard

The Solution: Installation of SMARTMIST™ AC misting systems on 4 large AC units, with Smart Release Technology used to treat the hard water.

The Results: Prior to the Smartmist™ system installation, electric bills for this company from July through October averaged $22,608 per month. After installing Smartmist™ systems, monthly electricity costs dropped to $18,659, for an average savings of $3,949 per month. The client reports that significant savings have been sustained in the subsequent years for a 17% reduction in overall electricity costs. This equals a reduction in AC electric costs of over 30%, and the AC system coils are as clean, if not cleaner, than before the installation.

Return On Investment: 3 months!

Arco AM/PM gas station - Moreno Valley, CA
Business type - Mini Mart/Gas Station (part of the BP group) Installed January, 2009

The Challenge: High cooling costs in summer months caused by full glass store front, numerous walk-in coolers being opened several times hourly, and constant customer traffic into/out of the store. Water quality: Extremely Hard

The Solution: Installation of Smartmist™ AC precooling mist systems on two 10 ton AC units as well as the 2 smaller refrigeration units, with Smart Release Technology used to treat the water.

The Results: Compared to 2008, electric costs for 2009 were reduced by an average of $400 per month. The coils are as clean or cleaner then prior to the installation, with only one end-of-year cleaning required.

Return on Investment: 11 months!

Soriana - City Club Store
Business type - Warehouse store (similar to a Sam's Club)
Initial Pilot Installation April, 2008

The Challenge: Numerous of walk-in coolers and freezers are opened several times a day. This creates higher cooling costs, and it also makes it difficult to keep coolers and freezers at required temperatures during the hottest part of the day. Water quality: Hard

The Solution: "Pilot Test" installation of a Smartmist™ system on one, 8-fan refrigeration unit, with Smart Release Technology used to treat the water.

The Results: Prior to this Pilot Test installation, energy consumption of this one refrigeration unit was 8,802 kWh per week. With the Smartmist™ system installed, energy consumption dropped to 6,523 kWh per week, resulting in a savings of over 25%. Calculated on the local rate of $0.15 per kWh, this equates to a NET savings of $1,435 per month for a single unit. After this test, approval was obtained for installations on ALL other units for Soriana, nationwide.

Return On Investment: 5 months!

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