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Some common applications of our systems...

  • Residential
  • Patios, Pools, Lawns, Gazebos, Gardens, Rentals for Outdoor Events
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Casinos, Dairy Farms, Stables, Ranches, Poultry Plants, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Utility Plants, Warehouses, Smelting Plants, Fire Departments, Oil Rigs, Garages, Factories


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The cooling power of Water Misting Systems offers business owners one of the most efficient and highly effective methods available for reducing temperatures in open outdoor areas.

Southern Cool Mist is an authorized Cloudburst® dealer, and we offer the finest quality Misting Systems in the industry.

Our high pressure mist systems are especially popular with restaurants for use in cooling outdoor dining areas so that their customers enjoy a pleasant meal even on the hottest days.

View the video at right to hear what one very satisfied Cloudburst® customer has to say!

As mentioned in the video, a "bonus" benefit of our mist systems is that they help keep flies away from the area. The reason is simple enough – flies don't like to fly through water, so they will avoid the area because they don't want to penetrate the water curtain created by the misting system.

You may have observed misting systems being used to cool restaurant patios, hotel pools, patios and spas or other public areas. However, mist systems are also widely used in all types of commercial settings. Just to name a few:

  • dairy farms & poultry plants
  • stables & ranches
  • lumber yards
  • amusement parks
  • sports venues

Cloudburst® misting systems were even used at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. As an authorized Cloudburst® dealer, Southern Cool Mist can offer you these same high quality, high performance systems for your cooling needs.

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How Misting Systems Work

The type of mist system used for an outdoor area such as a patio is most often referred to as a water misting line system. The key to achieving optimum results requires:

  • Knowing what types of misting systems are available.
  • Determining which one is best for your particular setting.

Water is delivered under low, medium or high pressure to misting nozzles that atomize the water into tiny droplets. The higher the pressure, the smaller the water droplets, and the better the evaporation and cooling results. (For more detail see How Mist Systems Work).

To achieve even more cooling power, Misting Fans can be used in conjunction with mist systems.

DIY Misting Kits

Small business owners may wonder if they can save money with a do-it-yourself misting kit. It's true that there is a big cost difference between a DIY Misting Kit that simply screws onto your water faucet and a High Pressure Misting System. However, there is also a big difference in the cooling benefits of the two systems.

High Pressure Misting Systems cost more because they require pumps and high pressure tubing kits that are constructed of either stainless steel or High Pressure nylon. However, you benefit because a high pressure water misting system can achieve a significant temperature drop without getting anything wet – even in very humid climates.

In addition, with Southern Cool Mist products you can count on quality and performance. All high pressure mist systems are not the same. In fact, many so-called manufacturers of mist systems are simply distributors of imported products of inferior quality.

To illustrate, many of the imported high pressure misting pumps are rated for 500 (or fewer) hours of use before they must be replaced or rebuilt. How do Southern Cool Mist products compare?

Our proprietary, Made in the USA,
tri-plex pumps are rated for
5000 + hours between rebuilds.

(NOTE: We do not recommend using low pressure misting systems in humid locations such as the Southeast. However, a high pressure system will work very well.)

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