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Our Smartmist™ systems have been engineered to provide affordable solutions to the many problems inherent with air cooled systems, including:

  • high energy costs of air-cooled Air Conditioners
  • inability of dry cooling towers to meet required cooling demands
  • heat expansion that causes lower production from gas turbines

We have absolute confidence in Smartmist™ pre-cooling mist systems, and we want you to feel as comfortable about how well our systems work as we do. Below are a few real results from real companies that are currently benefiting from the energy savings, cost savings, and better performance delivered by our SMARTMIST™ pre-cooling mist systems.

Results: AC/Refrigeration Results: Dry Cooling Towers & Turbines

Dry Cooling Towers and Turbines

Business type - Steel Production (5th largest in the world)

The Challenge: In summer months the cooling towers were unable to keep up with material cooling requirements during the steel manufacturing process. This slowed the entire production process by as much as 30%, which cost the company millions of dollars.

The Solution: Installation of three, 900-nozzle Smartmist™ pre-cooling misting systems underneath the dry cooling towers for the purpose of lowering the air temperatures.

The Results: The intake air was cooled by as much as 38 degrees F. As well, heat transfer rates increased so significantly that the manufacturer was able to maintain steel production at maximum capacity even on the hottest days.

Return On Investment: 1 1/2 shifts!

Business type - Steel Production (5th largest in the world)

The Challenge: An internal gas turbine powers the entire plant. Cost of generating the electricity is high, especially during the hot summer when the efficiency was reduced by as much as 30%.

The Solution: Installation of a Smartmist™ 300-nozzle pre-cooling misting system at the air intake and vent.

The Results: The intake air was cooled by as much as 36 degrees F., thereby condensing it so that the output of the turbine was boosted back up to 100%. This resulted in a significant cost reduction as well as a longer life expectancy for the turbine.

Return On Investment: 1 month!

Enterprise Products Houston
Business type - Propane Transfer

The Challenge: Enterprise is the owner/operator of Houston, Texas boat loading facilities for oil, natural gas and propane. In the past, tankers were loaded with propane during winter to minimize heat expansion, which enables faster transfer from land to ship. Because of the increase in world demand, ships must now be loaded in summer as well. However, since the dry cooling tower couldn't keep the propane cool enough on hot summer days, transfer rates either stopped or became so slow that tankers sat lined up in the harbor waiting.

The Solutions: To lower temperatures, a 1400 nozzle SMARTMISTâ„¢ pre-cooling HP mist system system was installed under the dry cooling tower.

The Results: Cooling capacity of the tower improved by approximately 30%. Now, even on the hottest summer days in Texas, propane transfer rates are as good as in the middle of winter.

Return on Investment: 1 Day!

Standard Oil of Indiana (Refining Operation) - BP AMOCO
Business type - Diesel Fuel Transfer

The Challenge: During summer, the cooling towers that were being used to cool the diesel fuel were ineffective. Fuel temperatures could not be lowered enough to allow water to separate from the fuel and be removed.

The Solution: A 180 nozzle SMARTMISTâ„¢ pre-cooling mist system was installed under the dry cooling tower in order to effectively lower temperatures.

The Results: After this installation, heat transfer rates increased so significantly that diesel could be transferred at full speed, and water could be removed even during the peak heat of summer months.

Return on Investment: 2 weeks!

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