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Some common applications of our systems...

  • Residential
  • Patios, Pools, Lawns, Gazebos, Gardens, Rentals for Outdoor Events
  • Commercial
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Casinos, Dairy Farms, Stables, Ranches, Poultry Plants, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks
  • Industrial
  • Natural Gas Compressors, Utility Plants, Warehouses, Smelting Plants, Fire Departments, Oil Rigs, Garages, Factories


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About Us

About Southern Cool Mist

Southern Cool Mist

Southern Cool Mist is a proud dealer of the finest, American made misting systems: Cloudburst® Misting Systems. Everything we use is either commercial or industrial grade, meaning it is the highest quality and longest lasting equipment on the market. Through extensive training, we have become experts on all things "mist". Even though we live in the humid South, our expertise can create a custom solution that will keep you cool and dry! So if you just want to enjoy your patio or reduce the temperatures in your facility, let us show you how it's done.

We also are excited to offer Smartmist™ Pre-Cooling Systems. Carrying on the tradition of quality products expected from Cloudburst®, Smartmist™ systems can reliably lower the operating and maintenance cost of your cooling units. These systems are designed for efficiency and utilize thermostat controls as well as current sensor relays. These design efficiencies allow for our systems to lower your operating cost for cooling units by as much as 30%, almost completely eliminate maintenance, prolong the life of your units, and drastically reduce your carbon foot print. Whether you are a grocery store with melting ice cream, a natural gas company with reduced gas flow due to heat, or just someone wanting to save money, let Southern Cool Mist solve your problems!

About Cloudburst

Cloudburst Misting Systems

Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc. has been offering the best high pressure misting systems and misting fan technology available for over 14 years. As one of the oldest and largest mist system manufacturers in the United States, Cloudburst™ has a solid reputation for quality and innovation. Their products are used worldwide to cool high profile venues, including the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, NASCAR, and Six Flags.

About Smartmist

Smartmist Pre-Cooling Systems

Formerly known as Cool-N-Save Commercial, SMARTMIST™ is a division of Cloudburst Misting Systems, Inc. that focuses on product development, manufacturing, and marketing for the mist pre-cooling industry. SMARTMIST™ has developed, tested and proven a new commercial AC / Refrigeration pre-cooling misting system. As well, they have perfected their Dry Cooling Tower and Turbine pre-cooling systems. Unsurpassed in the industry for their quality and innovation, SMARTMIST™ is now poised to be the number one choice for industrial pre-cooling, along with many other mist products.

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Want to enjoy being outside and save money? Cool off by 30 degrees and save up to 30%!